about us

Blacktail Law Group offers a comprehensive suite of legal services designed to address a diverse range of client needs.

In the realm of Civil Litigation, we stand as steadfast advocates, employing meticulous preparation and agile problem-solving to navigate disputes effectively. For Personal Injury cases, we extend compassionate support and rigorous advocacy to secure rightful compensation for our clients. Our expertise in Insurance Defense ensures thorough protection for insurance companies and policyholders, utilizing proactive strategies and skilled litigation tactics.

We also specialize in Business Law, providing strategic guidance for startups and established enterprises alike, with an emphasis on entity formation, contracts, intellectual property, and regulatory compliance.

We excel in matters concerning Builder’s Liens, Commercial and Corporate Law, offering guidance through intricate construction disputes and complex business transactions. Additionally, our proficiency in Employment Law empowers both employers and employees with knowledgeable representation in workplace legal matters.

practice areas

Civil Litigation

  • Negligence

  • Reputation

  • Bodily Injury

Constitutional Law

  • First Amendment

  • Establishment Clause

  • Privacy

Business Law

  • Real Estate Transactions

  • Lending Disputes

  • Contracts