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Personal Injury Law

Personal injury law protects you if you are harmed because of someone else’s wrongdoing. You are compensated through monetary damages under civil law.

If you are a victim of someone else’s negligence, contact Abby. She may be able to help you. While no amount of money can make you whole, you are entitled to monetary damages for the harm caused by someone else’s wrongdoing.

Abby wants her clients to live their lives, not their injury. She has seen enough plaintiff attorneys push for invasive treatment like surgery and injections when their client does not need it, just to try to drive up medical bills in hopes of a larger settlement. This is ethically wrong and the strategy does not work. Abby defers to health care professionals for the type of medical care her clients need, and she works to ensure that all avenues for recovering damages are thoroughly explored, especially different kinds of economic loss, as a result of an injury. With today’s personal injury cases, smart litigators and honest plaintiffs win.

School Law

School Law encompasses the issues that arise in schools, like discrimination, student speech, student discipline. As a school law attorney, Abby focuses mostly on discrimination in Montana schools. Montana banned Critical Race Theory Ideology (CRT), but some schools are violating the law and discriminating against students. Abby helps students, parents, teachers, and staff fight back.

Attorney General Knudsen could not be more clear. “Montana law does not tolerate schools, other government entities, or employers implementing CRT and antiracist programming in a way that treats individuals differently on the basis of race or that creates a racially hostile environment.”

If you are a victim of discrimination because your school is teaching CRT or unlawful anti-racism training, and you are seeking legal representation, contact Abby.

Constitutional Law

Blacktail Law Group is emerging as a leader in the pushback against Federal vaccine mandates.

If you are a Montanan or Californian facing a vaccine mandate, and you are unsure what to do, schedule a consultation with Blacktail Law Group.

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Constitutional Law

  • Vaccine and Mask Mandates

  • Critical Race Theory in Montana Schools

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