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At Blacktail Law Group, we offer a comprehensive suite of legal services designed to address a diverse range of client needs.

In the realm of Civil Litigation, we stand as steadfast advocates, employing meticulous preparation and agile problem-solving to navigate disputes effectively. For Personal Injury cases, we extend compassionate support and rigorous advocacy to secure rightful compensation for our clients. Our expertise in Insurance Defense ensures thorough protection for insurance companies and policyholders, utilizing proactive strategies and skilled litigation tactics.

We also specialize in Business Law, providing strategic guidance for startups and established enterprises alike, with an emphasis on entity formation, contracts, intellectual property, and regulatory compliance.

We excel in matters concerning Builder’s Liens, Commercial and Corporate Law, offering guidance through intricate construction disputes and complex business transactions. Additionally, our proficiency in Employment Law empowers both employers and employees with knowledgeable representation in workplace legal matters. Our holistic approach, coupled with tailored strategies, is aimed at achieving optimal outcomes and fostering lasting client relationships across these diverse legal domains.


Abby is an exceptional attorney. She navigates here cases with the best interest of her client at the forefront. She has superior deposition skills and is amazing in trial. I am honored to have worked alongside Abby.

-Ariella P.

Abby is highly competent, thorough, and detailed in her workup and assessment of her cases. Abby is also ethical and professional, treats her opposing counsel with respect, and is very responsive to her clients’ needs.

Danielle B.

Both as a public speaker and healthcare attorney, Abby is an authority and forward-thinker in her field. She has a great ability to take giant subjects, such as new litigation trends under the Affordable Care Act, and present them to an audience in an easy to understand, accessible and interesting way. She has a powerful intellect, broad vision and keen insight into national trends, industry trends, the relationship between policy, politics, regulation and business, and I regard her as a highly credible “thought leader,” to use a LinkedIn term. She brings all of these skills and attributes to her work as a lawyer, and her clients and firm benefit greatly.

Steve M.

I had the pleasure of working with Abby and am honored to be her friend. She is extremely knowledgeable, driven, and reliable. Abby constantly cares about her clients, meeting their needs, and in reaching favorable results for them. She can tackle any case or issue that comes her way. Abby is the perfect balance of an independent worker and a team-player and always conducts herself in a professional and courteous manner

-Royce H.

Abby is highly intelligent and extremely competent worker. She’s focused, dedicated and an independent worker and thinker. I could always trust Abby to get the job done well and in short order. She is the kind of person you want working on your team!

Melinda B.

I can’t say enough good things about Abby and her team at Blacktail Law Group. I found myself in a really tough spot needing some quick turnaround on a very important legal matter and Abby went above and beyond in her communication, thoroughness, follow-through, and precision clarity. It doesn’t take long to ascertain that she’s in your corner, has a passion to help people, and has a wealth of knowledge and experience to deploy on your behalf.

Andy W.

I absolutely love Blacktail Law Group! Abby was so helpful with my case. She was accessible and prompt. The positive outcome of my case was, I believe completely due to her thoroughness and her knowledge of the law. I would without reservation, recommend Blacktail Law Group to anyone who needs an attorney who will be your true advocate.

Kathy W.

When I needed legal assistance, Abby was able to help me immensely in a time sensitive situation.  She gathered information from me and then quickly provided the necessary legal documentation that I needed to submit. Without her assistance, I would have lost my case, and there were many around me that did lose theirs as they did not have legal representation.  I would highly recommend her, and I am grateful for her services and guidance.

Kori D.