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Abby Moscatel, Esq.

Abby Moscatel obtained her B.S. in Legal Communication from Ohio University in 2002. At university, Abby worked for the Students’ Rights Center, mostly helping students recover their security deposits from shady landlords and teaching fraternity brothers how to exercise their 4th Amendment Rights when the police tried to bust their keg parties. After college, Abby was a fellow with the Ohio Legislative Services Commission and earned a spot in the Senate Caucus, where she spent the year trying to understand how the state passed its budget, and then moved to Washington D.C. In D.C., Abby ran a national grassroots students’ rights campaign to repeal a law blocking Federal Financial Aid to applicants with drug convictions. With the help of a huge coalition of organizations and thousands of students across the country, the campaign worked. Abby got her J.D. from Los Angeles’s Southwestern Law School. She did the SCALE program to get law school done in two years, rather than three. Somehow, she still managed to compete on the Honors Negotiation Team, clerk with the District Attorney’s office, and marry her husband on the same yacht Snoop Dog liked to party on. 2011 was a terrible time to enter the legal field, so Abby took a low-paying job at a medical malpractice defense firm in Los Angeles. After years of lonely weekend lunches in a drab office, she jumped ship to State Farm, and began trying personal injury cases with their Special Investigations Unit. Now, as a plaintiff attorney, her courtroom experience allows her to fight vigoriously for her clients. She  rode her husband’s coattails by co-authoring a best-selling book on disruptive technology. “Tomorrow’s Jobs Today: Wisdom and Advice from Thought Leaders in AI, Big Data, Privacy and More,” was panned by their 10-year-old as the “solution to the global sleep crisis.” Abby would still be in California, but the quality of life in the state took a nosedive. Putting kiddos first, Abby and her husband relocated to Montana. Abby made a promise that she would do everything she could to help protect this beautiful, liberty-loving place known as the Great State of Montana.


Abby is an exceptional attorney. She navigates here cases with the best interest of her client at the forefront. She has superior deposition skills and is amazing in trial. I am honored to have worked alongside Abby.

-Ariella P.

Abby is highly competent, thorough, and detailed in her workup and assessment of her cases. Abby is also ethical and professional, treats her opposing counsel with respect, and is very responsive to her clients’ needs.

Danielle B.

Both as a public speaker and healthcare attorney, Abby is an authority and forward-thinker in her field. She has a great ability to take giant subjects, such as new litigation trends under the Affordable Care Act, and present them to an audience in an easy to understand, accessible and interesting way. She has a powerful intellect, broad vision and keen insight into national trends, industry trends, the relationship between policy, politics, regulation and business, and I regard her as a highly credible “thought leader,” to use a LinkedIn term. She brings all of these skills and attributes to her work as a lawyer, and her clients and firm benefit greatly.

Steve M.

I had the pleasure of working with Abby and am honored to be her friend. She is extremely knowledgeable, driven, and reliable. Abby constantly cares about her clients, meeting their needs, and in reaching favorable results for them. She can tackle any case or issue that comes her way. Abby is the perfect balance of an independent worker and a team-player and always conducts herself in a professional and courteous manner

-Royce H.

Abby is highly intelligent and extremely competent worker. She’s focused, dedicated and an independent worker and thinker. I could always trust Abby to get the job done well and in short order. She is the kind of person you want working on your team!

Melinda B.